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The question has been asked many times: Is WordPress right for me? The answer is a resounding YES!

Whenever a business is going through the process of launching a new blog or website, the questions that instantly arise are usually questions focused around choosing the right online platform and management system. Every website is going to have content of some sort, and you’re going to need to manage that content. For that task, many people turn to content management systems (CMS). We believe this is a wise choice.

The World of CMS
There are many CMS (literally hundreds) written in many different development languages with all sorts of different frameworks. All of them have pros and cons (well, there are some that have many cons with no pros, but we’ll discuss that on a different day). It can be VERY overwhelming to examine all of the CMS options out there. When trying to determine which CMS to use, you won’t get too far into the decision-making process before someone suggests you use WordPress.

There are many ways to develop a business website, a blog or online store, and there are many online development systems that can get the job done very well, but for many reasons we typically find that WordPress is the best option for most clients. Why WordPress? Because it’s the best combination of robust options and user-friendly interface.

WordPress vs. The World of CMS
Wordpress is not the most robust content management system in the world, and it does not boost the greatest enterprise-level options, but it’s pretty dang close to being the best (mostly due to the array of plug-ins and theme options available today). There are very few things Worpress cannot do. Also, we’d say that Wordpress is not the easiest content management to learn, but it’s pretty dang easy compared to most CMS. There is not another CMS that offers this sort of combination of power and usability.

Also, did we mention that WordPress is FREE? Yes, that’s right, it’s free. Now, it’s important to mention that some of the greatest and best third-party tools that make WordPress more awesome (like plug-ins and themes) are not free, but they are typically inexpensive in most cases. But the WordPress software framework itself is 100% FREE of charge, which we think is AWESOME!

Powerful. Easy to learn. Free… yeah, we choose WordPress!!!

More than Just a Blog
Often people only see Wordpress as a blog platform. There was a time when it actually was used only for this purpose, but times have changed, and so has WordPress. It has evolved into something much more than just a blog platform. With WordPress you can create stunning websites and even a variety of different types of mobile applications.


More than 22% of the websites on the entire web are powered by WordPress, making it the most popular CMS in the world.


WordPress is flexible and easy to use software. You can do just about anything through it. This versatility is the main reason that contributes to the popularity of this software. More than 22% of the websites on the entire web are powered by WordPress, making it the most popular CMS in the world. If you’re not a coder, that’s fine. But if you are, you can get even more use out of WordPress. The source code of WordPress is open for all to study and modify. Any kind of website that you wish to create can be created through WordPress.

Plug-ins Are Awesome
Well, I guess I should say the right plugins are awesome… because the wrong plugins can be a nightmare. But it is important to note that one of the greatest ways to extend your effective use of WordPress is by using plugins.

There are a number of third-party software frameworks that work in tandem with WordPress. These are called plugins, and they are available to add extra functions to WordPress and they also have the potential to give a completely new look to your WordPress site and give you options to make your business run in a more effective manner.

WordPress is Like a Great Family
As WordPress is open source software this effective nature makes it a community and social software. WordPress is run by volunteers who are actually WordPress consultants, living and working all around the globe. They play a very active role in keeping the software up to date and thus are the reason of its immense growth. Anyone from any part of the world can lend their services as volunteers to WordPress and WordPress users.


The WordPress community is like a huge internet family. When you join this family, you inherit a bunch of brothers and sisters, and they can be a huge resource to you.


All sorts of people have the ability to help with customer service units, answering queries, writing plugins, updating information about themes etc. It is an open platform for people to be a part. It’s like a huge internet family. When you join this family, you inherit a bunch of brothers and sisters, and all of these people can be a huge resource to you as you develop and expand your WordPress website. As you engage in the WordPress community you can get free support from other members of the WordPress community.

Millions of people around the world use WordPress. The reason is that it is very easy to use and there are a large number of possibilities that WordPress has to offer plus it saves time and money. WordPress can be used as Portfolios, Blogs, Arcades, Video Collection Site, Shopping Store, Picture Galleries, Rating Websites, Membership Sites, and so much more.

These are just a few examples of the best ways to utilize WordPress other than blogging. The best way to see the actual power of WordPress is by using it yourself. So what are you waiting for try it out today and experience the magic of WordPress.

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